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23989Re: VCF -- you know, for kids!

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  • Mike
    Jan 7, 2012
      I had a game set up on one of my Apple II's in the exhibit areas last year and invited the kids that were visiting with parents to try it. That was good for a few minutes. I think a number of the other exhibitors were doing the same. I've done crystal radio projects with cub scouts (this is grade school age group) a few times and even that was a stretch in terms of focus for most of them. The parents did most of the work.

      How about a few systems set up to run the classic "Oregon Trail", with a small reward for anyone who completes the game. This is one of the few classic games that either of my son's has actually got interested in.

      Mike Willegal

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, system@... wrote:
      > Evan Koblentz <evan@...> writes:
      > >I have no idea how most people hear about the event. We advertise as
      > >widely as possible and people magically show up.
      > I found out about VCF and MARCH when you posted a message to some of
      > the usenet computer related newsgroups. I don't recall if I saw any
      > postings there in recent years. Perhaps, you should consider that as
      > one of the advertising venues again.
      > It seems to me that the under-40 crowd are more geared to the social
      > media sites. Are there computer related group or discussion lists on
      > Facebook where you could announce VCF? I don't Facebook, so I may be
      > far off base here.
      > Send copies of VCF flier to the science, math and computer departments
      > c/o local area schools and colleges. I know, postage costs money, but
      > that might open up more possibiities.
      > Autowrap that Miata with an advertisement people will see and read as
      > you trek back and forth on the GSP. ;) ;)
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