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23963VCF -- you know, for kids!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 5, 2012
      A question for MARCHins who are parents ....

      Even though we advertise the VCF as morning lectures and afternoon
      exhibits, there are always some people who bring kids in the morning,
      and they got very bored, very quickly.

      Last year I thought that merely having our museum open (along with the
      radio museum) would be enough. It wasn't.

      What if we have a mornings-only "Kids Room" with some very simple
      exhibits, a few BASIC stations, roving instructors, etc.? (Someday, when
      we move our museum into one of the larger buildings, this kind of thing
      could be a permanent exhibit. Right now our museum section has no space
      for it.)

      And/or, what else can we do to keep young'n's entertained in the mornings?

      Things that are NOT up for discussion:
      - Arcade room -- it becomes daycare
      - Changing the morning/afternoon schedule

      This "kids room" is not something that we're definitely going to do.
      It's just an idea, and I'd like feedback before we decide whether to
      pursue it.
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