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23924Re: [midatlanticretro] Thanks to all who responded!

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  • Mike Loewen
    Dec 30, 2011
      On Fri, 30 Dec 2011, J. Chris Hausler wrote:

      > I will arrange to take a couple photos of my Whirlwind module and send
      > them sometime in the next few days. I acquired the module from the
      > Computer Museum. I believe it was one of 7 Whirlwind modules which went
      > on tour of Japan and possibly other places in the late 1980's. This
      > left it somewhat worse for wear. I had visited the museum in the mid
      > 1980's when it was still in Boston. At the time their display of
      > Whirlwind was minimal and poor and remember the final disposal of
      > Whirlwind, I believe around 1970, was the genesis of the Computer
      > Museum. However they did have a nice Q7 display then and lets face it
      > the Q7 is one of the "better looking" large machines out there :-)

      I also visited the computer museum in Boston, in January of 1987, and
      saw the SAGE exhibit. At that point, it had been less than four years
      since I had worked on the Q7. :-) I don't remember seeing any of the
      Whirlwind hardware, though.

      > The best display of Whirlwind I ever came across was at the Smithsonian
      > in the early 80's but when I returned half a dozen years later, none of
      > it was to be seen. Oh well...

      I visited Boston in 2007, and the Museum of Science had a Computing
      Revolution exhibit which had a good-sized section of the Whirlwind control
      panels. I don't think that exhibit is still up, but they have a web page
      for it:


      I can put my pictures of the Whirlwind exhibit online, if anyone wants
      to see them.

      The Computer History Museum has three Whirlwind logic module racks on
      display, in their Visible Storage exhibit:


      Mike Loewen mloewen@...
      Old Technology http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Oldtech/
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