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  • Evan Koblentz
    Dec 15, 2011
      This Sunday, Jeff B. will man the museum alone. Jeff J. and I are both
      taking off. We're going on Monday instead, when we'll dive into the
      warehouse organization project. (I have other plans this Sunday, and
      Jeff J. is taking the day off .... he deserves to be well-rested if he's
      going to put up with me all day Monday!)

      I plan to get down there for at least another two or three weekdays,
      because I'm off from work next week and the week after. I'm giving a
      tour on the 21st (next Wed.) to the Trenton boys/girls club at 5pm, and
      would welcome help before that if anybody is free. Or we might do a
      rescue that morning/afternoon before the visitors arrive. To be
      determined. If we do the rescue, then I will definitely need help from
      people who can schlep!

      Other work days to be determined .... I understand that a lot of people
      are doing family time the week of Christmas. All I have is a family
      Chanukah party -- ironically on Xmas eve. Anybody who wants to get *
      away * from their family should call me and offer to help out. :)
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