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23659Waaaay early VCF East 8.0 info

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Dec 5, 2011
      Dan let the cat out of the bag, so I might as well let you all know
      about the plan. :)

      VCF East 8.0 is May 5-6 next year, as previously announced. We don't
      have any keynote speakers yet. But we'll come up with something awesome,
      like we do every year.

      Saturday morning, Dan will lead his DIY Vector Graphics workshop, for an
      undetermined extra cost.

      Sunday morning, we may have a few entry-level evaluation/repair
      workshops. One idea is to make them system-specific -- Apple II 101,
      Commodore 64 101, PDP-11 101, and that sort of thing. However we'll
      probably only have time for three sessions, so we need to choose the
      topics wisely.

      Commodore's Bil Herd volunteered to lead either a C-64 session or a
      general 8-bit micro session. So I think maybe we should have the 8-bit
      session, S-100 session, and .... I'm not sure yet what the third one
      should be. I think a session on disk drives would be a hit. Or maybe
      something about programming.

      All of these sessions would be totally entry-level, in order to interest
      the widest array of VCF visitors. And all of them could conclude with a
      drawing for an on-topic prize!

      I considered a million variations of the weekend schedule, and there's
      just no way we can fit more than three sessions. Space is another obstacle.

      Someday, when we can host VCF in one of the H-buildings, then we can
      have VCF East University (maybe "Boot Camp" is a better name for it .... )
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