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23620Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Party, Dec 10. Stuff in my car. Oy.

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  • Mike Loewen
    Dec 1, 2011
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      On Thu, 1 Dec 2011, brian_cirulnick wrote:

      > --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "brian_cirulnick" <techrat@...> wrote:
      >> A few days after the hurricane in August, I was asked to 'rescue' some stuff from a guy who was moving... A Sparc1 and an HP machine, along with some other bits. I think the Sparc was going to Mike Loewen? I can't remember who the HP machine was going to...
      > -----------
      > Found my own post pretty quick...
      > I've secured the Sparc1 for Mike L., the HP340 for Dave McGuire, and I believe Jeff Jonas has dibs on the Macintosh trackball. There's also some assorted scsi drives, 50-pin ribbon cables, and some sort of SCA drive rack/backplane for what I assume is some kind of RAID setup. The 19" monitor I think goes to the HP340.
      > ------------
      > If Mike and Dave are coming, I'll bring everything, otherwise, I'll bring the "unclaimed" bits.
      > Let Chris know and he'll relay! Thanks!!!!

      I sent a note to Brian, offlist. I'd like the SPARC 1 to end up at
      Infoage, until such time as I can pick it up (not this weekend).

      Mike Loewen mloewen@...
      Old Technology http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Oldtech/
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