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23328Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: OT: Remote Desktop Connection Software

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  • M. Edward Wilborne, III
    Nov 3, 2011
      It's best to use a product like teamviewer or logmein.  Not only are they free, they help you deal with all the issues that otherwise arise from dealing with client/sever software (like remote desktop connection, or VNC) that require certain ports (like tcp 3369, or something) to be open and then having to deal with network address and port translation through your firewall to your machine that is generally private numbered.  If you're behind multiple NAT devices (which isn't uncommon with a typical ADSL router from the phone company and an owner installed wireless router), the configuration for Remote Desktop is even more complicated.

      So even though Remote Desktop is free and included with Windows (and maybe there are clients/servers for other operating systems), it still isn't a great tool for hassle free connectivity.  Both teamviewer and logmein include high levels of encryption as well, so the connections are secure between the machines.  I believe teamviewer supports a "don't install me option" so that the software can be used but doesn't reside permanently on your machine, if that is an issue.  And logmein is all web browser based (there is an optional plug-in for firefox, but it uses web browser/Java).


      On 11/3/2011 9:33 AM, system@... wrote:  

      B Degnan <billdeg@...> writes:

      >Try first, if you have the professional version of Windows to use Remote
      >Desktop (host and client) as these are already installed on your PC.
      >The HOME versions of Windows does not have it. Bill

      If you have/use Linux, there are several things that provide RDP & RDPv5.

      rdesktop -- http://www.rdesktop.org/

      Terminal Server Client -- http://tsclient.sourceforge.net/

      I prefer the latter as it keeps several technologies all bound in one
      place: RDP, RDPv5, VNC, XDMCP and ICA... I added Xnest to mine too.

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