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23270Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Today is 11111

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  • system@great-escape.tmesis.com
    Nov 1, 2011
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      Dan Roganti <ragooman@...> writes:

      >Because you're still thinking in Flip Flops. There's no rule saying you
      >can't use 5bits. Also, you don't need any hardware to use Binary math
      >-- paper works just fine -- or to make this joke work ;)

      Flip-flops? Me. I realize that you can use 5 bits; hence, my comment
      WRT BLISS. ;)

      >I think the term "Field Axiom" in number theory can be misconstrued -
      >the word 'Field' doesn't elude to Flip-Flops, thus, octal or hex coding.
      >The origin is called Axioms whenever you postulate when using math.

      I don't understand where your Flip-Flops comes into this nor have you
      answered how 11111 = 111111.
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