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23259Re: [midatlanticretro] OT: Which kind of smart phone to get

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Nov 1, 2011
      >>> If you want a stable phone with no bells & whistles.. Blackberry (I have one.. It just works)

      I wouldn't say there are * no * bells/whistles. Some of the new ones, and some of th ones coming out in the next few months, are very modern.

      What I love about my BlackBerry (on my third one because of upgrades) in no particular order:
      - its keyboard is GREAT vs most others
      - email is very good, and better aftermarket email clients are available
      - reception is good
      - battery is decent and removable
      - plenty of apps, not as slick as iOS/Android but they're useful
      - good customization options
      - web browser is tolerable
      - non-touchscreen version is still easy to navigate (has optical mouse)
      - memory card slot
      - good wifi and gps reception
      - most people love BB Messenger although I don't use it
      - productivity apps are easy to use (calendar, office suite, calc, etc.)
      - most of the time it "just works"

      What I hate about it:
      - lousy camera
      - annual (or more) BB service outage
      - processor can be sluggish sometimes
      - needs reboot once every couple of weeks -- sometimes on it own!
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