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  • Evan
    Oct 30, 2011
      I think I have a LARGE looseleaf book, probably 40 yrs old, of
      IBM scientific subroutine package written in FORTRAN. MARCH can have it for their library.
      Evan W

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, system@... wrote:
      > "Jeff Jonas" <jeff_s_jonas@...> writes:
      > >Rolf Levenbach donated some wonderful things to MARCH. I was reading
      > >about = the Bellmac 8 CPU and will soon post a web page about the
      > >interesting archi= tectural gems in that chip that other processors
      > >re-discovered years later,= such as register windowing.
      > >
      > >I'll soon forward the 1975 book "Programming Languages: Design and
      > >Implemen= tation" by Terrence W. Pratt to the MARCH library. It is SO
      > >70s: discusses = FORTRAN, ALGOL 60, COBOL, PL/I, LISP 1.5, SNOBOL 4, APL
      > >
      > >Who'd imagine that ALL those languages would become obsolete?
      > Obsolete?
      > I still come across sites using Fortran; especially, those doing scientific
      > research because of the powerful intrinsic mathematical functions available
      > in Fortran. Fortran 90, IIRC, added modern features like POINTER and the
      > ALLOCATABLE types. I did, however, have both of these available to me in
      > Fortran-77 when I consulted on a project for the US Navy in the early '80s
      > with DEC Fortran.
      > PL/I and, moreso, COBOL are still quite popular in the financial/business
      > realm. In fact, I have my hands in a huge installation, soon to go live,
      > for a major "transportation" product's logistics. It has all been written
      > in COBOL save for some pieces of "glue" requiring O/S interfacing (I wrote)
      > to provide user authentication, impersonation, security and several other
      > things that COBOL app coders simply don't comprehend.
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