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23221Re: fun stuff in everything I touch

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Oct 29, 2011
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      > Obsolete?
      > I still come across sites using Fortran;
      > especially, those doing scientific research
      > because of the powerful intrinsic
      > mathematical functions available in Fortran.

      That's an eye-opener to me,
      but then, I'm mostly immersed in the Unix/Linux arena
      where all that was ported to C/C++.

      > Fortran 90, IIRC, added modern features like
      > POINTER and the ALLOCATABLE types.

      Wowzers, I've not seen that, but it's here:

      Like the old saying "if it LOOKS like a duck and QUACKS like a duck ...". It sure looks like C features wearing FORTRAN clothing, with structures dereferenced with a%b%x instead of a.b.x and such.

      > PL/I and, moreso, COBOL are still quite popular
      > in the financial/business realm.

      On what platforms / environments?
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