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23187Kaypro-II video section

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  • enrlaz
    Oct 25, 2011
      The computer-Kaypro II had a 9" green phosphor monochrome monitor composed of a LR30477 E39164 TOSHIBA CRT and a printed circuit steering Toshiba TLC-134-TV-0. I tried to supply it with 12Vdc and I noticed that the cathode of the CRT is lit, while the screen does not turns on and no shows light even using the knob back adjustment for the light intensity.
      Wishing to do TV repair technician I need the wiring diagram of the circuit electric drive Toshiba TLC-134-T-V-0. Is there someone who has it?
      Here some pictures:
      Unfortunately I did not notice on the board (component side) or under the card (solder side) no sign of burning. I seem to hear at the power on of the CRT an high-frequency hiss. Having found the power supply of the Kaypro-II not working and not knowing whether if the motherboard could works, I was for first thing to see if the CRT works. As a signal source I am using the video card monochrome output coming from a PC 8088 XT because I saw that the kaypro-II's CRT accepts distinct signals: video, Hsync and Vsync. It could be not true that the polarities of these signals are useful and correct for a signal generator to test the video section of Kaypro-II.
      Thanks for any help.
      Enrico - Pisa (Italy)