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22893Sears Telegames (Atari) Pong unit

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  • BobShuster
    Oct 2 8:29 AM
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      I recently dug out my Pong C-100 unit and thought I would disassemble and give it a good cleaning. So after I took off the bottom cover and the battery holder (cover snaps on, battery holder used Phillips screws) I discovered some odd tri-groove screws holding the base to the rest of the unit. Some research uncovered that these are called Holt Security screws, and there was nothing in my toolkit (including a large collection of security bits) that would work.

      Long story short - I found a bit on eBay - #6 Open Holt security bit. I'll let y'all know how it works out. (I also found an original power supply!) I don't know of anything else that uses this bit, but if anyone happens to need it, I'd certainly lend it out.
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