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22853FS: Fully Tested 16K S-100 SRAM Board

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    Sep 28, 2011
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      I'm selling off one of my S-100 RAM boards and decided to offer it here/VC Forums rather than sending it to eBay. It's a SC Digital 16K board, and provides 16K of static RAM in 32 2114s. I picked it up to get my Cromemco board set up and running a few years back. It came to me with two dead SRAMs and a cold solder on the original owner's board-level trace repair. Pictures here:


      The pictures show the front/back of the board and the terminal session during the test process. I tested the board using a zero fill, FF fill and pattern fill with my Dajen SCI's ROM monitor.

      The board is addressable on 16K boundaries via DIP switch, and can be set to occupy mutiple segments. It supports /PHANTOM masking (can be disabled via DIP switch), and I/O port controlled bank select. You can specify both the port and the bit pattern for bank select via DIP switch, as well as enabling bank select on RST or RTN (not sure what the last option does, never used it).

      All options are silkscreened onto the board, so it's easy to configure even without the manual. All SRAMs are 200 nS, and the board has been used extensively with a Cromemco ZPU at 4 MHz with no wait states. The board draws about 1.5 Amps from my bench supply, set at 7.5 V DC.

      There are no ejectors, but there are pilot holes in the corners of the board for ejectors. I have lots of ejectors and split pins, so if you'd like ejectors installed, I can drill the holes out and install them before shipment. The board is in Troy, NY and should ship anywhere in the US for under $12.

      Feel to ask questions! Please direct offers off-list. Trades are welcome!