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22849Re: [midatlanticretro] MARCH IMSAI almost ready for sale

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  • B. Degnan
    Sep 28, 2011
      > >
      > Um, and why isn't the 8080 CPU card fixed. Nobody around there ? I'll
      > that blindfolded. Send it here, I'll do it pro bono, we have a bigger
      > space now to attack all sorts of problems now.
      > > In short, what makes an IMSAI and IMSAI? I have my opinion but I would
      > > interested in yours.
      > Definitely the front panel - you want that working
      > And what is wrong with the front panel ?
      > Bill, might as well tear it apart and send that here for repair too. I
      > showed you plenty of times how to do that, no time to yammer about it.
      > =Dan

      Give me a chance, I only worked on it for one evening! I was just
      reporting on the status as of today.

      What we are discussing is whether it's better to sell NOW (for cheaper and
      let the buyer do the fixing), or wait until I or you or someone else gets
      the thing running fully first and then sell it more or less working.

      If you must know, the 7 column data bit always goes high when you deposit
      something into memory even if the paddle is in the down position. If you
      try for example to set 00 into address location C000, 80 is the value
      saved. (1000 0000). I tried a few working memory cards, it's not the
      RAM. BUT I have just started I really have no specific cause / explanation
      for this. I am also not as good as you or Bob, Bill S, Herb, Jon, etc.
      What I would do is compare and contrast this IMSAI with a working one one
      chip at a time. There may be an easier way. I have taken apart the front
      panel of other systems a few times, so I know about the little risers and

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