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22778VCF MW Update

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  • B. Degnan
    Sep 25, 2011
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      Let's see...lots of Commodore, especially C64/128 stuff at this event.
      That's to be expect given that this is 1/2 the Chicago Commodore Club event
      and they have their own room. Maybe 25+ exhibitor/vendors in the CBM room,
      18 or so in the vintage computer festival room, and about 8 tables in the
      Tandy/Sinclair room. There were also some misc tables in the hallways.
      There are at least three new PET/C-64 drive adapter devices for USB
      available, awesome!

      I will post pictures when I return.

      Ian and Mouse drove from NY, I flew in and met with David Greelish and his
      friend Raj. We split the cost of the rental car. David had a nice talk
      about computer history and his experiences in the 90's as the hobby
      "vintage computing" was coming together. Nice job. I brought a Rockwell
      AIM 65, and Jason T brought two more. Ian and Mouse worked to diagnose his
      two non working AIMs, we got one of them mostly working (28K!) but we could
      not determine the location in memory to activate the external video, or the
      video card was bad.

      Met lots of people. Standard dinner fun on Friday and Saturday.

      The photos will bring about more stories, I will make a page with

      Bill Degnan
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