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22567RE: [midatlanticretro] I just bought an enigma machine!

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  • Bill Sudbrink
    Sep 2, 2011
      Dave McGuire wrote:
      > On 09/02/2011 06:34 PM, Bill Sudbrink wrote:
      > > Well, sort of... see ebay lot 270810254484
      > >
      > > Can't wait to see what this really is, but for 12 bucks?
      > > I couldn't pass.
      > Looks like an Enigma (model) to me! Very cool!

      Yea. I was sitting at my desk, doing all of the end of the week
      builds and source repository backups and consistency checks. This
      activity doesn't require a lot of thought so I popped up a browser
      and started doing some of my "idle curiosity" Craig's list and ebay
      searches. "teletype" is one of them. The GI Joe teletype result
      came up and I thought "Gee, my buddies and I had a whole lot of GI
      Joe gear when we were kids and I don't remember..." then I suddenly
      recognized what was in the picture. I did a few googles to be sure
      that 1/12th scale Enigma models we not common as dirt or anything
      and then hit the buy-it-now button. If it actually has "Hasbro"
      stamped on it, I'll be surprised (and a little disappointed) but I'm
      hoping it is either military from the period or a one-off produced by
      a history buff.

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