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22418Re: [midatlanticretro] Free MS-DOS-era stuff (manuals, peripherals), Brooklyn

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  • madodel
    Aug 20, 2011
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      On 08/20/11 16:16, B Degnan wrote:
      > Madodel<madodel@...> wrote:
      >>> At 8/19/2011 08:36 PM, Evan Koblentz wrote:
      >>>>>> I have some early MS-DOS era stuff, free
      >>>>> Other than the Windows 1.0 manual, everything else you posted is
      >> borderline off-topic for this list.
      >>>>> Also, it's rude to make your first message about sales without
      >> even introducing yourself.
      >>>> Crap.... as Tim just pointed out, you (new guy) are NOT selling
      >>>> anything, but rather being kind and generous toward us. So, I
      >> apologize,
      >>>> and shall now pull into a corner and work on my reading
      >> comprehension
      >>>> skills. :)
      >>>> Sorry!!
      >>> No worries, Evan! I know that your reaction was influenced by the
      >> borderline nature of the items, which I knew I was riding the edge
      >> of...having not really been new to this list (I lurked for a long time,
      >> and experienced bliss at the VCF a few months ago). I rejoined the
      >> list to make my posting, true.
      >>> The good news is I got a taker from my area who is just thrilled to
      >> replace the items that his (ex-)wife had made him get rid of!
      >>> FYI, all my stuff that's not borderline...I can't even vaguely bring
      >> myself to get rid of.
      >>> - Ken
      >> You wouldn't happen to have any Microsoft OS/2 items would you? I have
      >> just about every version of IBM OS/2 (at least the US releases), but
      >> have yet to find any M$ versions. And when I worked with OS/2 it was
      >> always the Microsoft releases. I can kick myself for not having taken
      >> a copy when they trashed it all.
      >> Mark
      >> --
      >> Madodel<madodel@...> sent by ibisMail!
      >> ------------------------------------
      >> Yahoo! Groups Links
      > I have at least one

      Cool. I have the Microsoft OS/2 1.3 manuals, but no media. I've never
      seen a copy of Microsoft OS/2 on eBay. Always IBM. I do have diskette
      images of MS OS/2 1.1 and 1.2.1, but I've never made diskettes from them.

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