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22397Re: [midatlanticretro] Scanned OSI Manuals Available

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  • David Gesswein
    Aug 19, 2011
      Here is the files for the OSI stuff. Unless your in a hurry you may not
      want to do much with them since some cleanup and comments would make your
      life easier. That won't happen before at least next weekend.

      Here's what I remember. Won't have time this weekend to actuall try it
      to make sure the zipped files actually are working.

      rawdump.asm is the dumping program. I use a65 assembler and osilod to
      make hte hex file for loading into the OSI via the monitor. The serial
      output from the program is captured to a file. I have a program I use to
      do that which isn't included. I can if needed. The process_image script
      then process the output to generate an image file and then extract the
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