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  • David Greelish
    Aug 12, 2011
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      Who from MARCH is going? I am 80% at this point, I was planning on
      making my travel arrangements this weekend, but I wanted to be sure
      my budget would allow for the trip first so I have been
      delayed. (waiting for vendors to pay me). I have to make sure that
      it's cost effective to fly out. >>


      I'm also at about 80% sure I won't know 100% and start buying a plane ticket and hotel room until another week or so. Hey, want to share a room maybe?


      If it's OK, I'll be selling copies of my freshly printed book "The Complete Historically Brewed". I'll probably just shipped some and carry a few around at a time to sell.

      BTW anyone, this is the last weekend of my Kickstarter campaign. It's doing great and is totally funded, plus double my modest minimum goal, but the more pre-orders I get, the more I can print up-front. Pre-order your special Kickstarter edition of my computer history book - http://kck.st/rjdJ88

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