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22277RE: [midatlanticretro] Friden Flexowriters on Ebay

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  • Bob Schwier
    Aug 10, 2011
      About 1970, we had a Friden to create copy for our college newspaper.
      Like the ones described, for this one, the operator typed the copy
      onto paper tape with a machine similar to a teletype. The Friden
      itself, was about the size of a pool table and each time one started
      it he had to run four paper tapes through that carried the operating

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      The go
      back further than that. The Colossus at Bletchley used these. You can see one in
      the Wiki article here:-
      think the KDF/9 (an old English computer) also used these. When I first
      started work at an insurance company we had a room full of these. They
      were used to prepare the "fancy" life policy documents as the Mainframe
      printer would only print upper case and this wasn't "good enough" for
      policies. Each girl (there could have been some men, but I don't remember any)
      had master tapes for each type of policy. The flexo's had an second punch
      attached so the master was read and this typed the fixed wording on the policy.
      It stopped at various points at where the girls then typed in the variable
      information, policy holder, premium, sum assured etc. As she typed these one
      tape was punched for later input to the computer, and the other was used to
      print a very posh envelope for sending the policy to the
      tapes were not actually read directly into the computer system, they were
      fed into a modified key-to-tape machine which created a tape for input to the
      daily run...

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      [midatlanticretro] Friden Flexowriters on Ebay


      would have been the I/O device for the PDP/1 or IBM TX-0 mini.  A "cheap"
      way to get a real historical item.  If it was w/i driving distance I
      might consider it, but to ship is very expensive.  Still, this is a holy
      grail item for

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