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22226Scelbi 8H/8B- looking for information

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  • Mike
    Aug 1, 2011
      Well I know I said in a previous post that building a replica Mark-8 would be time consuming and cost prohibitive, but somehow I've been bitten by the Scelbi bug and am seriously investigating doing a limited edition reproduction of the Scelbi 8H and/or 8B. This is likely to be just as time consuming and expensive as doing a Mark-8 would be.

      For starters, I have put together a primitive Mac OS/X 8008/Scelbi emulator that can run Scelbal. See my blog post for information on this emulator.


      Data mining on internet and preliminary "networking" has yielded some good scans of the plug in cards, some schematics, scans of the Scelbal manual, etc. However I'm still looking for more information, in particular detailed information on the following.

      1)power supply
      2)TTY interface
      3)cassette interface
      4)the oscilloscope output interface
      4)backplane and I/O connections
      6)differences between the 8H and 8B

      If you have any information on any of the above, or can contribute in other ways, let me know.

      Mike Willegal
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