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22201Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Vintage Computer Museum in Mountain View CA

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  • Dave McGuire
    Jul 29, 2011
      On 7/29/11 11:33 AM, system@... wrote:
      >> On 7/29/11 11:18 AM, system@... wrote:>> History
      >> Museum, not Vintage Computer> Museum. Like an old computer, my>>
      >> memory sometimes drops a bit or> two! :) - Bob>> >> Where's your
      >> ECC interrupt, man?!> > It must be there as he's already acknowledged
      >> the error.
      >> Ahh but it was detected, not immediately corrected...must be parity!
      >> ;)
      > Sometimes, as I would hope you'd know, ECC can't correct the error. Thus,
      > his memory must have a very limited hamming distance. :)

      Yes. ;) Unfortunately the best I've worked on was SECDED.

      >> (Jeeze I feel geeky now. I'm sitting in a hotel in Georgia with a
      >> broken-down rental truck awaiting a replacement. Thank heaven for good
      >> connectivity at least!)
      > Not a place where I'd want to have a breakdown.

      No, definitely not. The hotel is really nice though, so that part is
      good at least.


      Dave McGuire
      Port Charlotte, FL
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