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22116Fwd: VintageComputer.net Inquiry

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  • B Degnan
    Jul 25, 2011
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      Let me know if anyone is interested, I don't know this person, I
      don't have the room for 3 PS/2 model 50's and an SX NOW, whatever
      that is. The Model 50 is one of the first PS/2s (models 50/60 were
      286 replacements to the IBM AT). These would have been shipped with
      DOS 3.3 or Windows 286 (version 2.0). OS/1 version 1.0 as well.


      >VintageComputer.net Inquiry
      >Contact Information
      >Name: Corky Thrower
      >Email: corkychunker@...
      >Comments: Cleaning out the attic for refinishing, got tons of IBM
      >Vintage software, unused: PS2 Model 50 quick ref and diskette: OS/2
      >Warp: Disc Op sys v.4.00 w/ 2 DOS floppies, etc, plus 3 PS2 Model 50
      >computers, circa 1985? Also Kinston Technology SX NOW Model
      >SX/xxlem w 5.25 and 3.5 floppies, in original folder: Can send
      >photos, email me back if interested: Thanks, Corky
      >These came out of a customer srvc center for MCI back in the day