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21866Re: OT: The future back in 1982

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Jul 6, 2011
      >> The books "The Victorian Internet" and "Wired Love"
      >> show how long distance instant communications
      >> had similar implications over 100 years ago!

      > Never heard of "Wired Love" (sounds kinky!)

      Perhaps it was 130 yrs ago when morse code telegraphers
      were inventing tweeting and Twitter :-)

      Wired Love: A Romance Of Dots And Dashes (1880)
      by Ella Cheever Thayer

      One review mentioned getting a free e-copy
      since it's public domain.
      I heard a little of it read on NPR.

      It's a free Google e-book but I'm unsure how to list the URL without my personal ID showing. The ID field is required for it to work. Unless it's the book ID and not my ID, unsure :"/
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