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  • elazzerini@interfree.it
    Jul 6, 2011
      Hi at all of you,
      please excuse me for my poor English.

      My present in this group born cause a friend of me Luigi Serrantoni http://www.computerhistory.it/ was registered in MARCH.
      He told me about someone (Bill) who sold a couple of Bigboard. (I'm curious to know if were Bigboard I or instead BigboardII and also to see their pictures)
      I written all the history of mine one at my website http://elazzerini.interfree.it/Bigboard%201/index-en.htm in english language.

      My passion started on October 2007 so not much time ago. My goal was to make the board alive and a friend of mine (Roberto Bazzano http://www.z80ne.com/default-e.asp) very much experienced of me in digital electronic made this dream TRUE just some weeks ago even booting CP/M OS ( I thanks for this Dave Dunfield with its imagedisk http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/img/ ).

      During those last years a made any kind of imaginable searches with google and ebay and in this way I collected all info I can.
      So in the website I got the goal to offer the possibility to understand those far years on which the Bigboard was born.

      The board I think has been the 1st SBC then Kaypro-II was a unlicensed copy with the same schematic ( I bougth one in the last may I added pics in my website but I have to test it) and Xerox 820-1 was a licensed copy with the same schematic ( I bougth one in the last may I added pics in my website but I have to test it). [the Xerox 820-2 was derived from Xerox 820-1 and the main difference was the FDC with which was possible to have 8" and 5"1/4 in SSSD and DSDD ways]

      So I'm opening my horizon to those kind of machines and also with an Italian machine born in the same period called General Processor T-model ( I bougth one in the last october I added some generic pics in my website but I will have to test it when I will have it at my home).

      I also collected some issues of Microcornucopia Magazine in paper and some other issues in digital way.
      I wish that this magazine remains in the history so with the help di Al Kossow (bitsavers.org)
      I collected all issues here http://enricolazzerini.interfree.it/

      Here http://elazzerini.interfree.it/Bigboard%201/06.Cerco/index-en.htm what i need and of course it's enough to ask for and if I have the info or knowledges I will help anybody who needs it.

      With this long presentation I hope to described my point of view so I thanks in advance who can and wish to give me some help.

      Enrico – (Pisa The city with the leaning tower) - Italy
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