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217Re: Rambling Intro

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  • billdeg
    Apr 8, 2005
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      Nice to eMeet you. I am located in Wilmington, Delaware. To answer
      your question below; yes I attempt to do development on the old
      machines. My angle at this hobby is to fix and restore the old
      machines and then test by running programs or writing and saving
      programs as part of the testing procedure. I used to write BASIC
      programs in my earliest employment days, and also program modems.

      Currently among other things I am UNIX/Linux person (in my real job)

      Bill Degnan

      >Where are people located? Does anybody use their vintage
      >stuff for development/testing? (I have a real weak spot for
      >developers, testers, and compilers, say, of NetBSD, other BSDs, Linux,
      >other open source projects, people building resources like the win/lin
      >modems page, etc. etc.) Did any of you actually program old software
      >that was commercially distributed on these platforms? Etc. etc. etc.
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