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21670RE: [midatlanticretro] help identifying a multimeter

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  • Sypniewski, Bernard Paul
    Jun 12, 2011
      Thanks. Can I just use a D cell or is a BA30 a special kind of D cell? Do you know anything about the other battery?
      Bernard Sypniewski
      Department of Computer Science
      Rowan University - Camden Campus

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      On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 08:44:42PM -0000, b_syp wrote:
      > I stopped in Salem, NJ today. A store that I had sometimes shopped at was going out of business. When I went in I found an old multimeter, model ME-48D/U. From the little I could find about it, it might have been made by Joint Electronics but I'm not sure of the name. The case has a 1970 Navy calibration tag on it. The case seems to be Bakelite. No probes and no batteries came with it. The probe holes are not like ones on current multimeters; they are considerably smaller. The battery holder was clean (someone apparently read the label about removing batteries before extended storage). The battery holder has two compartments of different sizes for, apparently, different batteries. The smaller compartment (on the right) is about 1.5 times the size of a 9 volt battery and about as deep. It has 2 markings: 1.) (horizontal) BA261/U and 2. (vertical to the left upper edge of the compartment) +22 1/2. The larger battery compartment (to the left) is the same "height" as the other but is about 50% wider. In the middle, there is an approximately D-cell sized indentation. There are 2 markings: 1. (horizontal) BA30 and 2. (Vertical on the upper right edge so it is nearest to the first chamber's vertical marking) + 1 1/2. Both battery holder have one set of contacts each. The contact strip on the wall separating the two holders is shared by both holders.
      > For what its worth, there is a rubber gasket between the front panel and the case proper.
      > Does anyone know anything about this meter? Battery sizes? Probes?
      > Manuals? I appreciate any information.
      Can't help on the meter itself.

      Batteries are
      BA30 is a D cell.

      I have seen the small probe connections on other old meters.

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