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21616MARCH Fall Swap Meet?

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 5, 2011
      > But, if people want to develop other venues, it seems reasonable to talk about them

      I, for one, would be majorly pissed off if someone started a local
      vintage computer event outside of MARCH. On the other hand, if you
      people talk, then it's my job to listen. :)

      We could do this as a fall event entirely separate from VCF. November
      might be a good time for it.

      I envision a single-day straightforward swap meet. No-frills booths for
      $25 each; general admission for $10 each; kids get in free.

      That would make it easy for sellers to make back their money, and easy
      for MARCH to profit.

      But first I'll check the InfoAge schedule. Will see what else is
      happening around that time. OMARC seems to have swap meets on a regular
      basis (but they don't have anything like VCF). I'll find out how they go
      about it; maybe they'll have some good advice for us.
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