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  • msimonsmail
    Apr 8, 2005
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      I too am an alco-- er, whoops I mean computerholic. I've been into
      computers and online 20+ years. Anyways, greetings.

      I'm likely not to be too active here, as I've got far too many
      projects that I'm trying to whittle down. I read on the web, too.
      That being said, that also means I've got far too much junk that I no
      longer want, or am trying to find good homes for to make available/of
      use to the public.

      As far as vintage goes, my primary interests are in the Apple II
      family and Amigas. At this point however, I have little to no time
      (or space) to put these things to use or even up on a pedestal; my
      thousands of Apple and Amiga disks are probably suffering from data
      rot. :(

      In addition to that I made a listing online of a bunch of computer
      magazines (and newsletters) I have as the "computer magazine archive"
      (list is TOTALLY not complete!) this listing has gotten me some
      attention. Someday I would like to find a home for these magazines
      and make them publically available for use/reference, etc. as well as
      put them into a situation where the collection can grow. It's actually
      a small collection in comparison to what it could be, but I have just
      not been able to actively pursue it as much as I would like. In all
      the collections I see, it does seem that information/media does get
      neglected over the interest in hardware.

      About me/my projects - I run a non-profit arts & environmental charity
      known as the please take materials exchange http://www.pleasetake.org/
      in addition I co-moderate Philly Freecycle
      http://www.phillyfreecycle.org/ those not familiar with freecycle
      should definitely check out the main site at http://www.freecycle.org/
      to find your local group, it would be a great place to find vintage

      How my projects relate to MARCH: (as I said above, freecyle=great
      place to find vintage stuff) also, in my materials exchange (we are
      unfortunately looking for a new home/warehouse space to run it out of)
      I would be able to divert vintage equipment to those who want it. I
      also interact with other reuse and recycling organizations, especially
      computer based ones, which might occassionally come across and have
      surplus desireable vintage equipment. [Previously at our old
      location, we had a PET, I wish I had taken it. :( ]
      In addition, we would have lots of cool stuff that would be great for
      robotics hobbiests. I also want to eventually make space to encourage
      meetings, demonstrations, competitions. [The goal of the PTME was
      actually a large regional arts/reuse center with workshops, etc.] I
      have a real weak spot for DIY'ers, projects which re-use technology in
      different ways, break boundaries, and build communities.

      Excess vintage I have: (while I am willing to give away for free a lot
      of stuff, I could really benefit from fair $ or useful trades of
      misc., as honestly I live on little to nothing with the nonprofit and
      no model numbers right now, as it's all scattered different places:
      Zenith 8088 Laptop in carrying case
      compaq or other brand large luggable
      miscellaneous cards, mobos, etc. -- probably not 'vintage' but I
      do know I have two or three tandy cards in there.
      SWEET Atari stuff 1200XL era I believe some NEW or like-new in box.
      (printer, drive, system)
      an old generic vic20 game new in box (with shrinkwrap even!)
      lots more where that came from

      oh oh yes.. and then I have two systems... I think are probably pretty
      rare -- either 286 or 386 era that have what I call them -- pin simms
      these are spaces for simm memory except they don't have a card-like
      interface but rather have a pin-like interface to the mobo similar to
      regular old IC chips except only along the one edge of the card. I
      *really* want to find out more info about this, as well as find
      someone who would really appreciate these!!

      I might have two passive backplane 8088 era systems if I didn't toss
      them out of frustration. (I know i took them apart and put the cards
      into the bin/box of cards.)

      Lots of 5 1/4" disks from an early 8088/286 era system (unisys?) if
      someone doesn't claim them they will be given away to be sliced open
      to be used as cd holders! rescue their impending missing data and

      Far too many cables and miscellaneous junk to count.

      Oh, and get this... STRINGY floppies!! I have about 10-17 of these old
      things, I rescued them from an obsessive collecting doctor's house. No
      drive however.

      some old bernoulli removable media (and a drive, somewhere.)

      Trades: I am primarily interested in things which could actually be
      *useful* for me today as I tend to not use anything old due to lack of
      time. Ahhh I sooo need a wearable. ;) Okay, okay, I know that's not
      happening. Barters of services (help fixing up my house?), grant
      writers for my nonprofit, real estate for the charity (PTME) it's all
      good. :D okay, I'm being silly now, can you tell? (it's 4am, forgive me.)

      Things I would like to see: *MORE* information in the virtual swap
      meet database -- you can have, what? up to ten columns in the table,
      use em! Where are people located? Does anybody use their vintage
      stuff for development/testing? (I have a real weak spot for
      developers, testers, and compilers, say, of NetBSD, other BSDs, Linux,
      other open source projects, people building resources like the win/lin
      modems page, etc. etc.) Did any of you actually program old software
      that was commercially distributed on these platforms? Etc. etc. etc.

      I heard about you guys in a recent posting, I think, to the PLUG
      (philly linux) list about the TCF fair. I am 99% probably not going
      to make TCF as I have an earth day related event on the 17th to tend
      to. Damn, and I soooo wanted to somehow aquire a copy of collectible
      microcomputers. :|

      If you want to reach me, my best email adress is msimons@
      slackware.com as I don't read my yahoo account often.

      See my nonupdated webpage at http://www.michaelsimons.com/ things
      there on Toasternets, Nexus, etc. etc. etc.
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