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21597Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Found some Core Memory

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  • Dave McGuire
    Jun 5, 2011
      On 6/5/11 6:46 AM, Jeff Jonas wrote:
      >>> I don't advise trying to build
      >>> analog core memory read/write electronics ...
      >> Hey, it's finicky and fiddly, but it can be done (and has been),
      >> and there are many design examples out there.
      > But can they handle the temperate range as things heat up,
      > and the density of the one being considered?

      Core runs hot, sure, but this is well understood and easily handled.
      If Dan has trouble getting that core plane running, it won't be
      because it runs too hot.

      > The Arduino core project I saw recently
      > is only 8 x 8 and very sparsely populated.

      The sparseness of that design surely had little to do with heat.

      > Yes, today's DSPs can do things
      > that required dedicated hardware not long ago,
      > but the algorithms and reliability looks tricky.
      > If that's handled properly, I'd love to see the new ways!

      Nah. Core is pretty reliable when you get a design running. Getting
      it to that point takes work, though. Most, if not all core systems have
      a thermistor near a core plane to adjust X/Y drive currents...I suppose
      one *could* do that with a DSP, but you'd be replacing a simple,
      easily-modeled circuit with maybe half a dozen transistors and a handful
      of resistors with a very complex chip and hundreds, if not thousands of
      lines of code.


      Dave McGuire
      Port Charlotte, FL
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