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21595Re: Found some Core Memory

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Jun 5, 2011
      > I would expect anything from IBM to say I B M on it somewhere.

      The core I salvaged from the IBM 1620 and IBM 1130
      were merely green frames that stacked together.
      No "IBM" anywhere.

      Even back then, IBM outsourced SOME things.
      The IBM system 1130's plotter is from Calcomp
      and the paper tape reader from Tally.
      The semiconductor RAM on the IBM system 38 is from EMM.

      > In those days, IBM made everything themselves,

      I wish I could find photos from the IBM Kingston facility's
      Historical Society. It showed a HUGE foot-locker sized
      core memory module for the IBM 360,
      with photos of all the steps of manufacturing, weaving
      and even re-weaving to replace a failed core!

      -- jeffj
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