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21582Re: VCF, TCF and What is vintage

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  • s100doctor
    Jun 2, 2011
      "Curt @ Atari Museum" <curt@...> wrote:
      > A true value of the
      > consignment/flea market is to give people a place to sell/trade or just
      > leave for others equipment that we as enthusiasts in the hobby find
      > useful and valuable, so I think its a great thing to get people to dig
      > stuff out of their closets and bring the stuff to the shows.

      I think it's reasonable of Evan to try to balance the primary purpose of VCF-E, as an exhibit and lecture forum, with interests in vending and with "small sales". I see his point about one consignment area as a kind of flea market, and that one of that sort is enough given the venue and its focus.

      I think if vendors are primarily exhibitors and supporters of vintage computing - even if what they show are their own products, or what they show are computers for sale - then I think that is also consistent with Evan's view of VCF-E. (I'm biased of course.) As a practical matter, I doubt any other kind of vendor will find VCF-E very attractive. I'm glad vendors have become a part of the VCF-E program.

      But that's not to say that some OTHER venue could be an open flea market, or could represent a different era of personal computing. But maybe it's not too fair to Evan to talk about other venues, right after he finished VCF-E. He and our colleagues did a good job this year and I'm pleased to have participated, even for some of my grousing here.

      Also, I think it's a little unfair to compare and "grieve" here about Trenton Computer Fest - no club, show, organization in computing "is" what it "was" THIRTY PLUS years ago. They are a survivor and that's just amazing. And the world of available and/or vintage computers is very different today than of one or two decades ago. TCF has evolved to meet circumstances, as I see it.

      But, if people want to develop other venues, it seems reasonable to talk about them after experiencing VCF-E. VCF-E is a catalyst, not a competitor, in my opinion, so I see such discussions as proof of interest and enthusiasm.

      My several cents,
      Herb Johnson
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