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215501985 - 1995 era computing event - the "post-vintage computer festival 1.0"

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  • B Degnan
    Jun 1, 2011

      I wonder what a completely separate 1985 - 1995 era computing event
      would be like.

      C development systems
      Mac II
      Novell and Banyan

      14.4K modems
      Internet ISP's
      CDRom multimedia
      SoundBlaster music & sound effects
      Desktop Video editing

      but why keep it separate ?
      It's entertaining still to keep it all combined

      desktop publishing and early laser printers

      Not in the same exhibit space.  a separate post 85 to pre-Pentium room, with armed guards at the doors to keep them from intimidating the 8-bits.

      Seriously, I would not want everything just mixed together, not sure if it's my need for a sense of order or what.  I'd envision a separate post vintage computer festival held someplace...hmmmm.....I like that term "post-vintage computer" festival.  Or maybe post-modern computers.


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