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21538VCF, TCF and What is vintage

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  • Christian Liendo
    Jun 1, 2011
      @Bill D.
      You are right.. Most people into the hobby are into it for nostalgia. They have the "In my day I used to use xxxx computer".. For many of us that is a 1970s to Early 80s computer. To the younger generation thats a IBM PC or Early Mac. Lets be honest, we spend all this money to buy computers that we wanted when we were younger with no money.

      Case in point, Video Games.. When I think Vintage Video Gaming, I think Atari Pong, 2600, 5200, Coleco Vision, Intelivision even the C64. Want to know what is the most sought after items? Nintendo! Because a lot more people grew up on Nintendo. It's the young that are continuing the tradition, but with the machines they wanted.

      What to attract more youth, let them display their stuff as well.

      As for Vendors...
      I think the consignment area is a good idea. Why? Because I am lazy and I let someone else do the haggling. Some people don't. Why because they see it as cutting into their profits. It's the way they feel.

      I think VCF should have vendors and a flea market.. Why?

      People mention TCF. Well why did you go to TCF? Was it for the speeches? Or was it to go to the flea market?

      TCF got hosed because they hired Ken Gordon to run it and concerned themselves more with the vendors inside and the flea market people said "forget this" and went to Ebay.. Now people would rather not sell on Ebay because it is a pain. I mean ever try and ship some of these monsters?

      I understand Evan's concern that this will just become one large flea market. There needs to be a balance. VCFE is evolving and will never be perfect, but it has to be fun and we have to look at what visitors want and not always what we want.. Because what we want it visitors.
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