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2136Re: [midatlanticretro] Any PCjr's left out there?

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  • Jim Scheef
    Jan 22, 2006
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      BTW, thanks for joining MARCH! Welcome aboard.

      You may have found that PCjrs were made with two different power supplies. I
      believe the early jr's had a 45W supply while later units had a 65W supply. I
      may not have the exact values correct, but you get the idea. The jr's power
      supply is split between the power brick and the regulator card that sits
      vertically inside the chassis. The larger power supply used a bigger power
      brick to supply more juice to the more robust regulator circuity on the card.
      These two parts should be matched.

      Even the larger power supply could be overtaxed by adding extra side cars so
      IBM sold a power expansion side car that also had a power brick. Does the
      Racore HD expansion have a power supply with its own power brick? An early jr
      barely had enough power for the floppy drive so adding a hard drive would
      certainly demand additional power.


      --- Brian Heise <nampcjr@...> wrote:

      > Ok...a quick reply to my own question of pain....but
      > I checked EVERYTHING....over and over, but everything seemed to be hooked
      > up the way I remembered. Then in an effort to calm my wife down over a
      > pesky-loud power supply that would constantly "buzz" while plugged in, I
      > finally changed it out. (This power supply was hooked into the main CPU,
      > mind you, and worked to boot the jr up just minutes before)...
      > After changing the power supply out, it was magic...the HDD unit worked...
      > It seems that there might not have been enough juice getting to the main
      > power board, which allowed it to boot ok, but caused power issues...or
      > lack-thereof to other hardware...
      > I'd never have thought it to be so simple of a fix...
      > Still....if someone has a users manual for Racore 1511/1521, a scan would
      > be greatly appreciated...
      > Also...In lines with VCF (My questions never cease...do they?)...I had an
      > email conversation with a gentlemen about a year ago who said they sold a
      > legacy floppy controller for the pcjr at a VCF which let the jr run a
      > 1.44mb floppy drive....anyone heard or seen this before??? Must be a VERY
      > rare option if it existed...
      > Brian
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