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2119RE: [midatlanticretro] Hobbyist DECnet Network - Update

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  • David Comley
    Jan 22, 2006
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      For my setup at home, I was very unhappy with
      Verizon's pricing. Business DSL comes in at around
      $80/month with a static address and a lot of other
      stuff I really don't need for playing with DECnet.
      Comcast weighs in at $99. I called my old ISP in
      Doylestown and went with a $25 dialup version. In fact
      I am now looking for a vintage DEC modem so I can run
      this dialup connection the old fashioned way once it
      is up. Traffic seems to be quite low volume. If anyone
      has a lead on a real DEC modem please let me know.
      They appear on the World's Favorite Auction Site
      periodically but I've not paid them much attention in
      the past.

      What infrastructure is currently available at the
      museum site ? Is there existing telephone service with
      inside wiring ?


      --- Evan <evan947@...> wrote:

      > Fred gave me permission to solicit the donation of
      > Internet access on
      > InfoAge's behalf. So I'll contact the local cable
      > and DSL providers. It
      > would be great to get some broadband in there, hook
      > up a WiFi router, and
      > then go crazy with DECnet! No porn or file trading
      > allowed. :)
      > Better yet, a while ago I spoke with Hans Franke
      > (who many of you know from
      > the cctalk list); Hans runs VCF Europa every May out
      > in Munich, Germany ...
      > for 2007 we talked about doing our VCFs
      > simultaneously and establishing some
      > of kind of intercontinental show link! We could
      > webcast the lectures, put
      > cams in the exhibit halls, have kiosks where
      > attendees can chat with each
      > other, etc. ... how could would that be!!??
      > _____
      > From: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
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      > Of Jim Scheef
      > Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2006 11:18 PM
      > To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [midatlanticretro] Hobbyist DECnet
      > Network - Update
      > David,
      > Many ISPs offer a static address at an extra charge.
      > My cable company
      > Jim

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