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21057Need 3B2/310 Help!

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  • epsilonprocess
    May 2, 2011
      Hi all,

      Well, if I'd powered up my 3B2 at VCF I'd have won the "First to Smoke" award.

      I finally decided to power up the 3B2/310 I got back in late 2009. It had been sitting in my garage still in its shipping box until a few months ago when I finally got everything unpacked.

      The person who sold it told me everything was working fine when he dismantled it and had it boxed up for shipment (famous last words.)

      Anyway, finally got around to setting it up and testing it yesterday, plugged everything in, it powered up, and a few seconds later smoke started coming out of the floppy. I disconnected everything, took the whole thing apart and took some measurements with a multimeter.

      Rather than go through the measurement details for everyone, if anyone with 3B2 experience can offer some help, I'd like to hear from you.

      Luckily part of the package he sent me included a backup main system board. But before I even try it, I would like some help from anyone with experience servicing 3B2's. Better yet, if anyone has any spares, especially a power supply, a service manual (or links to a PDF) or heck, even a complete system, I would be interested.

      Any help appreciated.

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