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20970Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Tube computer @ Camp Evans

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  • Bill Dromgoole
    Apr 25, 2011
      I haven't studied the source of the myth, but I believe it derives from
      big companies that had a lot of money invested in mechanical counting
      machines.  Mocking electronic computers' reliability was a smart sales
      move on their part, especially in the 1950s when UNIVAC went into an
      aggressive sales mode.
      Maybe this is the first example of FUD in the computer industry.
       I seem to remember a story about the Amstrad (Maybe some other company?) computer which was designed with good ventilation
      and didn't need a fan for cooling.
      Other companies pointed out the lack of a fan as poor design and you didn't have to worry about their computer ever overheating.
      I don't consider this good marketing though. It is lies to slander another company.
      And of course this was long before SCO started a FUD campaign against LINUX.
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