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20958OT: Need PC laptops

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Apr 24, 2011
      I have a need for two PC laptops with the following requirements.
      1) parallel printer port
      2) CD-ROM Drive
      3) Any size hard drive.
      4) In good working order !
      5) Preferably Windows XP, but can be Windows 98
      6) Free or very close to it.
      I need it for work. We need four working laptops. We have two fully working. And another which has a problem with booting from CD (hard drive is ok, but windows activation problem because it can’t connect to internet to activate). Another is an HP thinkpad 385XD, which works, but has no power supply adapter like so: http://www.global-laptop-batteries.com/ibm-ac-adapter/thinkpad-85CD-385D-385ED-385XD-power-supply.html. I need them before May 13.
      Anyone have any leads ? I live near Infoage, but am willing to travel a bit to pick up.
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