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20956weekend report

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 24, 2011
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      Busy as usual lately!

      - someone picked up five teletypes
      - I made seven new museum posters

      - accepted delivery of two DEC Rainbows (one original, one Rainbow 100)
      - sorted a few more boxes of used computer books that arrived this week
      - Jeff B. and I finished putting the right computers in the right rooms
      / desks
      - Rainbow needs a serial cable - I think it's a 15-ping male to 9-pin
      female, but I have to double-check
      - Atari 800 needs its video cable - we probably have one, I need to look
      - Epson QX-10 didn't turn on at all; we'll try some of the other units
      from the Kirk house
      - Apple II needs a new video cable; I have many at home and will bring
      one in
      - TI-99/4a works; we didn't try the expansion box
      - Xerox 820 turns on and immediately says "RAM Error" -- Jeff and I
      opened it and looked inside, but we weren't sure which chips are the RAM
      -- we have a service book and need to RTFM more closely
      - We measured all the museum rooms for shelving; tomorrow I'll go to
      Home Depot and get some prices; send that to Justin; and then we'll make
      some purchases
      - I measured the two event rooms (hotel dining room and 9032-A) so Bill
      and I can do the VCF exhibits layout
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