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20716Re: [midatlanticretro] Museum update

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 10, 2011
      > Jeff B. came at 1:00; he and Matt finished moving desks into Room 5 (second micro exhibit), and then they moved the computers into place.

      I hoped to fit seven desks in Room 5 vs. six in Room 4. (Room 5 is
      slightly larger.) But that didn't fit, so we had to settle for six.
      That means one computer had to go from this list:

      1. IBM 5100
      2. Apple II
      3. PET 2011
      4. TRS-80
      5. Atari 800
      6. Sinclair ZX-80
      7. TI-99/4a
      8. IBM 5150
      9. Commodore 64
      10. Sony SMC-70
      11. Apple Mac
      12. DEC Rainbow
      13. Commodore Amiga

      In popularity, the SMC-70 and Rainbow are probably the bottom two. But
      we have an SMC-70 (and an expert in Andy), and we're getting a Rainbow
      soon. The only computer we lack from this list is a ZX-80. Also the
      ZX-80 lends itself to a small space, so if we ever get one (or in the
      meantime with an '81, etc.), then we can put that on a smaller table or
      shelf elsewhere in the room.
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