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20714Museum update

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 10, 2011
      We got a lot done today. Matt and I got there at noon. We started sorting library books vs. VCF sale books. Jeff B. came at 1:00; he and Matt finished moving desks into Room 5 (second micro exhibit), and then they moved the computers into place. I continued sorting books and Nick arrived to help. Later I showed around some visitors. Jeff J. arrived with more books and computer parts from the Kirk rescue.

      Next week we'll plug in the micros, see if they all work, etc., and we'll also attack the next batch of books. Then we have to set up the rest of the exhibit room such as signs, manuals, etc.

      Nick today delivered the check that he promised for our library. It's a significant amount, and we'll use it to purchase shelving, etc. ... We'll try to get at least part of that done pre-VCF, so we can display some of our nicest and most historic books, magazines, and manuals. Once again, a huge thank-you to Nick!!

      Wednesday I'll be back there and Bill Deg. is coming too. Jeff J. will bring yet another load of books, mags, etc. ....

      It's fun making all this progress! We can't get it ALL done pre-VCF, but we're making huge strides.

      PS - anyone who puts in a solid day or two of museum work pre-VCF is welcome to take a few books from our sale pile.
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