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20510Re: [midatlanticretro] New-old idea for VCF

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  • systems_glitch
    Mar 28, 2011
      >> Question: if/when a connection to the next exhibitor can't be made, how
      >> do we judge which exhibitor is to blame -- the giver or receiver?  What
      >> if they disagree?

      (Sorry for the second reply!) We could keep a small portable device
      with a known good serial configuration and Kermit for testing
      "trouble" connections -- attempt to receive the file from the sending
      end of the broken link, and attempt to send the file to the receiving
      end of the link. Whoever fails that test is at fault...though I don't
      know what you'd do if both ends were down!

      I've got a SmartCable we could use for that...allows one to easily
      match DTE and DCE with various combinations of switches. Also, much
      blinkenlichts. Anyone have a really neat vintage portable that might
      find use here?

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