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2044Kinda OT: Kingston MCA Data Card

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  • Joe Giliberti
    Jan 10, 2006
      I just saw an IBM Model 80 go for $200 on ebay. Now, while I am into
      vintage computing, I also an looking into upgrading my primary computer,
      and do not have the cash. Now, the computer that sold did have a
      Kingston 200MB data card and a 486 upgrade. I see both on eBay. Should I
      bother with purchasing them? The data card is $50 and the overdrive chip
      is $10. Additionally, since I have been working on the thing, I have
      been finding this black, gooey, foam-rubbery kind of stuff all over the
      inside of the thing, as well as now ground into my carpeting. What the
      hell is this stuff?
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