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20386Looooong day!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 16, 2011
      Left my home at 9am. Took train to CT, taxi from station to U-haul place, then drove to rescue site. Me, Jim S., and employees at rescue site (a business) loaded U-haul with variety of HP, DEC, and misc. other gear. Then I drove the two hours to InfoAge. Met up with Jeff J. there who dropped off more boxes from the ongoing Jamesburg rescue; meanwhile Steve and I unloaded the truck. Jeff helped me move some of the pallets that we got (via misc. InfoAge people), and later Dan J. (from InfoAge's PC lab) helped moved more pallets. Brian S. also brought some. Then I had the usual InfoAge meeting, dropped off the truck, and got a ride home from an NJARC guy.

      This Sunday I once again request "all hands on deck" because we have a crapload of work to do pre-VCF. In fact that's going to be the case almost every Sunday until mid-May. I am thinking about staying over there a few times so I can get more work done. We have more stuff to empty from exhibit rooms 5 and 6; we have to get carpet for those rooms (fortunately InfoAge pays and we can use Fred's pickup); we have to move desks into Room 5; set up the computers in there; put up lots of shelves (that may wait until post-VCF); organize stuff in our H-bldg. area; and sort out a massive amount of books and magazines.
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