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  • Bob Grieb
    Jan 4, 2006
      Hi Evan,

      Just thought I would mention that I got the Hero robot
      working a while ago. New batteries, a bunch of re-soldering,
      etc. I think all of the fcns are working. Not sure what to do with it
      next. I could maybe try to make some sort of demo that would be
      amusing at TCF or something. Not sure what is appropriate. It has an
      "auto-mode" ROM, which causes it to just wander around a room, avoiding
      objects and saying funny things.
      That would require a lot more space than last year's TCF room,
      and the batteries probably would only last 1-2 hrs. I was thinking of
      something using the robot arm and the speech.

      Bob Grieb

      --- Evan <evan947@...> wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > ...Not sure if I'm the only Jew in this group, but happy holidays
      > anyway!
      > :)
      > This year I received a Bluetooth GPS for my Treo (thanks mom and
      > dad), a
      > centerfielder (thank you Mr. Steinbrenner), and bought myself that
      > Grid
      > Compass 1101 on eBay (thank you clueless seller.)
      > Club update: we still have some business to handle, such as writing
      > bylaws
      > and purchasing insurance, and I hope to get all that stuff done
      > quickly.
      > (I'm not working this week so there might actually be time to kill.)
      > In 2006, the vast majority of our effort should be on preparing for
      > VCF East
      > 3.0 and building our museum.
      > Important date: Sat., April 1 is the official InfoAge "Site Transfer
      > Ceremony"... I'm not clear on the exact details but it basically
      > means the
      > Pentagon is finally and officially handing over the place. (Or maybe
      > it's
      > that Wall Township is handing over the place?) Regardless, we're
      > expected
      > to be there with the same kind of mini-exhibits as we did for the
      > dedication
      > day back in August. There will probably be many of the same people
      > attending from among the general public and InfoAge supporters, so
      > let's try
      > to bring different stuff this time.
      > Another important date: Sat./Sun., April 22-23 is this year's Trenton
      > show.
      > Since this is so close to VCF, and since this year isn't a landmark
      > event
      > (vs. last year's 30th anniversary show), MARCH will simply have a
      > table on
      > the main show floor this year. We'll need a few people to staff the
      > table
      > each day. That way we'll have time to check out the show without
      > leaving
      > our table empty. Our agenda will be to market the heck out of our
      > club,
      > InfoAge, and specifically VCF. Maybe we can also run some kind of
      > contest
      > or giveaway... plenty of time to think about that however.
      > And the biggest date of all: Sat., May 13 is VCF East 3.0. LOL, only
      > Bill
      > D. may be excused because Mrs. D. is due to have her baby around that
      > time.
      > Everyone else better attend!!! (Not just because I'm ranting about
      > it, but
      > because it's the ultimate in nerdly fun! Be there or turn in your
      > Dilbert
      > badge.) Also, I've said this part before but it's important to
      > emphasize:
      > VCF exhibits are NOT just "here's all my stuff on a table" but rather
      > they
      > have themes and well-planned displays. Start early!!
      > - Evan
      > -----------------------------------------
      > Evan Koblentz's personal homepage: http://www.snarc.net
      > Computer Collector Newsletter:
      > >> http://news.computercollector.com
      > Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists & Museum:
      > >> http://www.marchclub.org
      > >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/

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