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20147Thanks Museum Volunteers

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  • B Degnan
    Mar 2 8:12 PM
      Thanks Museum Volunteers

      The collection looks great, and all of the new stuff was moved and stored in the H building very nicely.  There are even some labels.  I took pictures and will post asap.  Nice rows, clean, not too much junk.  Lots of D|G|I|T|A|L stuff, wow.  The pdp 8/e looks great and there are both RK05 drives and a papertape reader that can be used for I/O.  (assuming there is a matching controller).

      We all owe a debt of thanks to the guys who have been coming to InfoAge to clean up and re-organize the collection, A huge collection.

      I could really see the difference from last year.  So much more organized and most of the items are located in a relatively clean space.  It's great too that we can access almost anything in our collection without having to move a bunch of stuff to get at it.  I think the only thing left is the front basement storage room. 

      I understand we're looking for pallets.  I have a few pallets at my office if anyone wants to grab them next time you're in the Wilmington area.

      I wish I could get up there more often. 
      I found and removed the loose screw in the Altair, and tested memory, etc.  It's a CUTTER system.  If you hook up to a  terminal call me, I have notes on how to set the terminal switches.
      The SWTPC 6800 with terminal and tape controller is was tested - OK.
      IBM PC - OK
      Built a Mark 8 computer from parts I found lying around, what luck.
           just kidding.

      I had to cut out early from the InfoAge meeting, around 7:30.


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