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20095Sol Libes' Mark8

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 28, 2011
      Due to VCF planning, I'm being cc:'d on a lot of emails going back and
      forth between the panelists .... they're reminiscing amongst themselves,
      etc...... saw one just now that Sol Libes (of ACGNJ / TCF fame, and VCF
      East 3.0 keynoter) sent to Jon Titus (Mark-8 minicomputer designer) ....
      Sol said, "I was one of your fans. I read your Mark-8 article in
      Radio-Electronics magazine, ordered a set of printed circuit boards.
      And, with my students, we built a unit. It was our first exposure to
      microprocessors. We learned a great deal from the undertaking. Here is
      a web page about the unit we built. I want to thank you for what you did."

      He linked to his own page:

      Neat huh?
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