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20094our second microcomputer exhibit -- opinions please

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 28, 2011
      > This fifth room, which used to be devoted to NJ-centric computer companies, will become our second microcomputer room. Visitors are always asking where's this, where's that, re: all the popular micros that aren't in our first micro room. So now we will have a place for many of those (some full systems; others static + boxes and stuff.)

      My mind started wandering .... luckily I was able to catch it! And
      here's what it was thinking....

      This second micro room is the same size (I think; haven't measured) as
      our current micro room. That means we can fit six desks, each
      containing one full system.

      In the current micro room, we have an Apple II, Commodore PET 2001,
      TRS-80, IBM PC 5150, Commodore 64, and original Macintosh. In this
      second room, which additional desktops should we display?

      Some ideas:
      - Atari 400 or 800
      - TI-99/4A
      - Sinclair
      - Amiga (original or one of the later models?)
      - PC jr.
      - OSI
      - Northstar
      - MSX
      - Tandy CoCo
      - Sony SMC-70
      - DEC Rainbow / Robin (Jim S.: which one did we get from the MIT Museum?)
      - PC running MS Windows 1.0 (vs. a PC running 3.1, which will be in the
      sixth room, re: modern history even if we hate it. ;) )

      Another question for the whole group: should we keep the current
      segregation (Micro Room 1 = "top six"; Micro Room 2 = "others"), or
      should we arrange all 12 chronologically?
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